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Friday, May 18, 2007

Yummy Mummy- multi tasking

Well, this is my favorite of all- so far. I was driving along and all of a sudden, I my eyes drifted to this sight, and I laughed to myself, and thought I wish I had a camera. The image stayed with me, so I came home and did a little sketch and it worked. So out came the big sketch book and I elaborated. By now, my mind is flitting from one image to another and I was just itching to start. So I locked myself off from the world for the weekend and "played" But, I surprised myself. I planned it. I wanted movement. I wanted your eye to rove all over it. I wanted your eye to follow from the dogs tail thru the babies dress up to the mummies hair. But most of all, I planned for you to feel as carefree when you look at her, as she actualy looks. How Did I do ???


Lady Chaos said...

"I want people to look at it and be enchanted." Success!!

Wow... wow... that's all I can say.
Your work is AMAZING!
I especially like this recent one, the colours are so vibrant and eye-catching, but the others are good too, all bright and hitting that perfectly balanced note between almost cartoon and real... "yummy mummies"... XD That's a cool topic for pictures. I'll bet a lot of people want to buy them!

My art is nowhere near as good as yours, but if you want to take a look, it's here:

And I draw a few (really bad) comics in microsoft paint... hope they're not too tasteless!

Thanks for giving me the address to your blog... your art is really, really good and I'll keep checking back, I can't wait to see more :)

A Reason to Paint said...

Hi Wendi,
This is the first time I have visited your blog and I just had to leave a comment. Love your imagination and your yummy mummies and can definitely relate. Keep at it; I am look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

Sandy said...

I love your "Yummy Mummies"!You let everyone have fun in your paintings...they are all so happy and content in their lives. I wish I had been a "Yummy Mummy"...So serious... was my role.