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Monday, March 14, 2011

Going for a walk

I've not been lazy by any means, and have been planning, sketching, and painting a piece that I wanted to feature in the Strathdon community's art show on the 1st to the 3rd of April, at which they have given me the honor of becoming guest artist.   I've had pieces of paper lying around my home, with suggested titles for it, and I really haven't thought of much else than painting, painting painting.  I've finally thanks to my lovely workmate Esther found a name for the Painting, which is now making it easier to put the finishing touches too.......well I hope they are the finishing touches, cos Its taken its time.  In my spare time I have been designing a special picture for a card to a friend who is turning 50 soon, and then of course there is this little piece here in Pastel.  I wanted to just suggest the parents, so that is why the heads are out of the picture......I didn't draw any !!  I wanted the story to centre around the little girl, who is getting a swing from the couple while they are walking, and I wanted to try and use cooler colours than I would normally choose, without it being boring. Hopefully I will finish my acrylic piece by next week and post that here also.  Thanks for keeping an out of for my blog.