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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Share Shake

I've been like a dog with a bone, painting this picture. Nikki gave me permission to paint this photo, that she took of Macey and Piper sharing a milk shake. ( copyright of course, most important to get permission) I was playing with color scheme, which I could sit and become mesmerised in the colours for hours. But I digress, sorry. Anyway, I had the photo and decided, not to choose a style, to just let it flow, but I did choose 70% green tones and 30% in the hot pink tones. Never was good at maths, so I think, o.k, I know that my percentage of pink is more than 30%, but I was happy with the outcome. My painting though worried me. It didn't show my contemporary style, but neither was it realism, so even though, people have said its "lovely" I worry that it is too birthday cardish. But I could see it in a cafe or in a kids retreat. Main thing is I loved doing it. Its a fun pic. Thanks Nik ! I've got another fun one lined up......stay tuned...