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Sunday, August 9, 2009

THERE'S A COW ON MY PLATE. work in progress

Don't know if youve picked it up or not, but, I have always had a thing for asian art, and was absolutely delighted to find in a second hand bookstore a prize book for my art collection. It's called Japanese graphic art and it follows the work of the original masters who transferred their original designs onto a wooden block from which many impressions can be made. One of my long time favorites is in the book- " Beneath the wave off kanagawa" often just referred to as the wave. by hokasai.
Anyway, I have had the most wonderful time studying the paintings and to think they date back to 1765, it is very humbling. So thats where this piece really started. I was inspired to try to follow the lines of the japanese artists. And by now after reading this you will instantly notice the hair has been influenced by my book. Anyway, I've added thongs and darkened up the cow alittle. The left hand wall is worrying my, but, I dont want to much detail, as it may take away from the picture as a whole. I may just leave this for a while and next time I look the answer may be staring me in the face.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This is a work in progress, and I have chosen green to write this in, Because, it's a green to speak. Of Late, I've been educated on the life of a Vegan, you know- basically- don't eat anything that has, or comes from something that has a face. Went to a party the other week, and All , as in each and every piece of finger food, consisted of meat, or chicken , and three of the guests seated oposite me, did not get to eat anything. I thought, how aware we have to be nowadays- make sure we include light beer, and lemonade for the non drinkers, and orange juice for the diabetics, etc, etc.....but no one seems to cater for those who choose not to eat animal product. I hear tell, that salad offerings, can get a bit monotonous. Anyway, enjoy this piece done once again in my pointalism technique that is so mesmerising to me, hours go by before I know it.