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Friday, March 27, 2009

Alice couldn't stop at one chapter !

Funny, how things inspire us out of the blue. Alice came to stay in the xmas holidays, and I said to her one night, " why dont you hop into bed and read a chapter of your book." At midnight I went in to turn the light out, and there she was propped up in bed, book in front of her face with just her eyes peaking over the top. When my eyebrows went up towards the roof, she offered this little statement......."Do you think this would make a great painting. Me looking over the top of my book ??"Good one Alice, my mind was diverted immediatly. Well I dont know about Painting, but, I've used a technique that I used years ago. To me its like doodling, only more enjoyable. It is 0.5 fineliner on cartridge paper. There are no lines in this picture, only dots. So this is my work in progress at the moment. I will keep adding dots, until I build up , shading etc. I still plan the picture as I go, so I dont know whether to add things around the bedroom or to just leave the focus on the little girl in the bed ? I dont really know a title. But I do know this. I may be lacking motivation in my painting at the moment, But this technique is vey rewarding for me, as I see a picture develop before my eyes. I dont really have a plan, just a mental sketch. I know a lot of you dont like my contemporary work, but it is good for my soul. * enjoy*