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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

painting for Love.

Got an invitation to one of my best friends 50th, OMG- I have friends that old??? LOL. I live by the saying- Growing old is mandatory, Growing up is Optional-
Anyway the little mind did back flips, what will I get her for a present? Nothing came to mind, tried to think of what she loves and doesn't and came up with the fact that, apart from her daughter, she dotes on her dogs- panders to them in fact. So, I set myself the challenge of painting " the boys". Her daughter, kindly emailed me some photos, hardly studio friendly, but hey, this was a challenge and I could always go and buy her a large bottle of brandy , if it didn't work out- which is much more sharing friendly !!!! But slightly out of the budget of a poor starving artist !! If you're interested in viewing the painting-: click on my complete profile on the right hand side of this blog, and go to the road to success is always under construction ( hey, if you have time to look at this blog, you have time to frig around finding my other one.) You see primarily this blog, was to be solely for my yummy mummies.......
Oh.....and post note, got another invite to another friends 50th on the same night....strewth !! its not gonna happen.....she gets a bought present.......fifty for goodness sake........when I turn 50, I think I'll just hide in the wardrobe with a bottle of prozac !!!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bollywood Twins

Hey!! remember dress ups? Holly and Emily are obviously having fun. Who wouldn't want to paint them in their Bollywood outfits.