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Friday, May 4, 2007

work in progress yoga mummy

Well, I thought and I thunk ! I brainstormed with people, I had the suggestion of a hat stand, with a scarf draped over it. I did suggest to someone maybe a old wicker chair with bras etc hanging of it, I mean she may look serene, but dammit, she has to have a bit of disfunction in her life. But nothing worked. Then I thought of Kristine saying she loved my dogs, and I made a concious decision to put a dog in every work. I used to have a St Bernard, who sat with her front legs crossed, and all of a sudden, my thoughts went haywire, and the next minute, I had the faithful hound, perched atop a cushion, legs crossed, with a waft of oil crossing past its nose. Her tail sweeps across to link with the yoga mummys meditation position. Terrianne suggested peach colours coming through the window, I think it needs to be softened off, I may need to ask her advise... I was going to put the om symbol on the wall above the dog, but, I didnt' want to overdo it.......time to walk away and return afresh.


Wendi. S. said...

Actually, I have just clicked on the picture to enlarge it, and I think, I like it with just yoga mummy and the oil burner......what do you think?

Jac said...
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