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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dear to my heart.

Sometimes, when youre passionate about something, it eats at you. I feel I need to express what I'm feeling at times. And well, its a fact that I wasn't born with the gift of song, But, I was slipped a bit of a talent to tell a story with pictures and so, that is how my next picture evolved. I wanted to put into a picture, something that was uplifting, a tad humourous. light hearted, and not boring. One of my most special people in the world was diagnosed with Bi-Polar. You know, that Mental illness that people whisper about behind closed hands.?? Did you know that for years its been called the black dog or black dogs disease........Cos that is what it is......dis- ease. I wanted to paint her a picture, that she could look at, that would remind her. could try to take control of the black dog today. So I thought, what about, if I drew her at dog obedience school with her black dog.And she was smiling and in a good place, cos she had taught her dog a lesson. And maybe, by looking at this painting, people will spare a thought for those inflicted with mental illness and make a note to be more tolerant.

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onehandclaping said...

i am touched. this picture continues to inspire me to take control of that black dog. he can be so naughty sometimes but i am slowly learning to teach him to sit, stay, and do some funny tricks that make me laugh. thank u.