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Sunday, April 29, 2007

work in progress- Yoga Mummy

Well, at times I frustrate myself. Its like my Mind gets over excited when I get an idea. Take this piece for instance, what, I say to myself. If I have a yummy mummy, sitting on top of a fit ball. Every yummy mummy, owns a fit ball. What if she is sitting on top of a ball, in the lotus position at one with herself. Sun is shining in the window- warming her back. Oil burner, is wafting, soothing oils. So I sketch it up, and begin to paint straight away, I cant wait to plan anymore, its urging me on. And here I am..........pondering, and annoyed with myself, that I didn't plan the sketch, and use restraint, for just a few more hours. Because, its boring. There is no point to the picture. I dont know how to save it. The only thing, I can think of is an armchair to the front right of her, in which her other half so to speak, is slumped in the V.B position, with remote in hand. ..*#+@ sigh !*#%*.

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