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Sunday, April 22, 2007

w.i.p. The school run.

Every morning, I inevitably got the red light at the pedestrian crossing. And every morning, the lollipop lady would waddle out in front of me hold out her stop sign, and with a short whistle across would come the procession. 5 Kids in a row like ducks all holding hands stretched to breaking point, and attached is the yummy mummy- lithe body, more often than not decked out in the fitness outfit, jewell sparkling in the belly button, head back, sun on the face, not a care in the world. I'm jealous of course, I was never a yummy mummy, we had the skin tight leggings with socks rolled over the top and the oversized top, that hid everything, even a figure if you had one. And we ran, always late.........yes, I'm jealous of my yummy mummy, but she makes me smile, and when the green light goes, I drive off, drawing it in my head, and I can never remember the last part of the trip to work, but I know I cant wait to get home to put this picture in my head onto paper.

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