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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Your own personal Fairy Tale.

I am in my adult life, the way I am, because of all the influences on me as a child. I was an avid reader, and had read every fairy tale that possibly interested me. In my mind, I pictured each scene, but also imagined my future life. At the same time. I believed then, that if I followed the rules and learnt the etiquette of life, that one day- my prince would come. Of course, we have to grow up and face reality that fairy stories are just that.......fairy stories. But there are Dreams.The best ones happen whilst ironing or vacuuming......I've called this one, Dare to Dream, I think nowadays the fairy story goes something like........once upon a time, there was a website called RSVP.............


Lady Chaos said...

Ahh... perhaps not my favourite (I don't like the colours, but that's just me), still beautiful work as always and very poetically done with the vacuum actually in the background! :) (is she vacuuming in stilettos?)
I like how you have dressed the "prince charming" in black, perhaps alluding to the fact that maybe sometimes we like the villain of the fairy tale more than the hero? Or maybe it's just me *tee hee*.

Hehe... yes, RSVP has been the culprit behind every man I have ever dated... it's not quite a fairy tale, but it has it's own magic. In the same way as shopping I suppose.

It was nice to see you the other day... sorry I don't check back here as much as I should, I do enjoy seeing your art a lot. And congrats on getting your work displayed in a cafe! If I'm in that area I'll definitely check it out.

Wendi. S. said...

Lady C, thanks heaps for visiting me here !!! And the feedback is great. I try to do colours that inspire happiness and mood or emotion. I did just read a 4 years old account of love and she said it was when you blink alot and stars come out of your eyes !!!