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Monday, March 31, 2008

Loving unconditionally.

With this piece I was trying to involve you in the emotion of loving unconditionally. I'm really happy with this piece, and the colours. The baby had to look as serene as the ....well it could be anyone couldn't it? It could be The Mum, An Adoptive mum, a foster mum, even a loving aunty or friend. I go with the Mum idea, adoptive or otherwise though, as they are the ones to love unconditionally. Double click on the picture to bring it up larger for extra detail.


Lady Chaos said...

What a perfect painting to see on Mothers Day! Well done!! This painting is awesome, one of the most interesting too... you've got the body language perfect, and I like the use of darker shades around the top and under the crib, it makes the colours stand out well.

You can see she really loves the baby... perhaps the darkness of the room and the blissful almost secrecy of the hug suggests maybe she's an auntie or a friend at one of those family get-togethers where everyone wants to hold the baby, and she didn't get a chance, so she snuck into its room while the baby was supposed to be sleeping to give it a cuddle.
Still, that's just my interpretation... good on you for making me think :)

Brilliant work, you have a gift at capturing positive emotion.

Wendi. S. said...

Thanks Lady C. I get a nice feeling to know you still follow my work. Your comments are important to me,I like the fact that you are honest which is always constructive. Thankyou XX