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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

touching base

If youve visited on a whim and are disapointed that I haven't posted any work lately, well, youre not alone. I disappoint myself. I need to be more diligent, but on the other hand, I am doing workshops, life drawing, etc and am soon to do one plein air in Bendigo, with my very first art teacher Barbara McManus, who is taking a group of us for the long weekend. ,which is exciting for me, as my lovely mum lives there and I will be able to catch up with her once again. I'm reading art and visiting art galleries, and have just this day seen the exhbition" Australians in Paris" which was very interesting, as one of my favorite women artists Agnes Goodsir was strongly represented. I still draw each day and plot and plan for my joy exhbition, and in the meantime glean information and take whatever lessons come my way re realism. So keep visiting, you never know, one day, something may take your breath away.

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