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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Group Exhibition

I paint with a group of girls ( women) who paint primarily in pastel and we have named ourselves Innovision. We've decided to put on an exhibition of our works, and this exhbition opens on Sunday the 1st of March at 5 pm. Lady hawke cafe - 1365 Mt Dandenong tourist rd, Mount dandenong. ( mel 66 G1)
The exhibition will continue from sun 1st march to sunday 29th march. 9am-5pm open thursday to Monday. ( closed tuesday and wednesday)
Would love to see you there. If you cant make it for the opening, treat yourself and a friend to a scenic drive up the dandenongs and stop at Lady hawke for either coffee and cake or a meal.
The hospitality is just lovely, and the art works..........well. they speak volumes.


Jade E. Henderson said...

awesomeness! I will try and come to the opening but if I can't (yay to the joys of working afternoon shifts lol) I will definately go there at some stage during the exhibition to see your work! Best of luck for it all! I know it'll be great!


Wendi, Wishing you and your artists peers all the very best for your collective exhibition – ‘Innovision’ .
I would definitely 'treat' myself (if location permitted) to this sumptuous art affair showcasing these beautiful works in pastel! The invitation looks stunning - a precursor to what will be a wonderful event.

Anonymous said...

How very cool for you, for all of you!!!
I won't be able to come but I will sent my spirit down for a looksee!!! LOL
I giggled when i saw you put up the days it is remember you a few times turning up to shows on the day that the gallery is closed!!
All the best, let us know how it goes. :)

Wendi. S. said...

Hey, thanks for the good wishes everyone. Its funny isn't it. an email or comment is only a click away, yet how we long to go to each others exhibitions yet distance often stops us. I know youre all there in spirit. And yes Sweetmango, I get so excited when I get a day off, I dont even think to check if the galleries are open I not..........hindsight is a wonderful thing !