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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Parting with my paintings

I received word today, that I have sold this painting, which has the title of "Me Time". Its one of my favorites.
And so this afternoon, I have been reflecting on my feelings. I am excited that it has sold, and I wonder who loved it enough to buy it. A sale of course reinforces my belief that my art is acceptable . ( family and friends of course are my most loyal supporters but a real sale does wonders for morale)
But at the same time I feel a tad melancholy. I drew from the depths of my soul an emotion that I could express on paper. This is me in my most relaxed state, and I have expressed to the viewer what joy is to me. I closed my eyes and summoned up this feeling, so what you see And now I wont see it again, I say goodbye to it.
And my only comfort is, that I imagine it has gone to a kindred spirit, who probably as I write this has kicked her slippers off, poured herself a wine and is reclining on the couch, smiling up at her wall, on which hangs her latest acquisition.


Jade E. Henderson said...

That is a gorgeous painting! And congrats on the sale! I'm sure the buyer loves it so much, as much as you loved painting it and putting yourself in it! How nice to have touched someone enough for them to part with hard earned cash. You will have to fill your hole in your soul with another painting ;) cheers to you!


Hi Wendi, Firstly congratulations on the sale of your delightful painting “Me Time”.
I often find talking to other artists, (and have experienced myself), how often it is they sell those art works which gave them particular joy to paint and hence making it their favourite, feeling these emotions you have expressed here with regard to this sale and thoughts of never seeing this again making you feel “melancholy”. It is particularly so when the creation of an artwork sees it borne from emotions or feelings, as this one was – making it a part of you. I thank you for sharing these insights with those of us here who follow your blog. Perhaps this joy infused itself within the fibres of this painting and it ‘whispered’ to them
‘love me’.

Anonymous said...

I think we all understand this feeling. I have certain paintings I just choose not to offer up for sale because they are so deeply a part of me. I also started creating work that was exclusively for sale as opposed to work that would remain in the house, this made it so much easier. Now everytime I sell I get such a thrill to know that someone loved it enough to part with their money so that they may have it in their house to enjoy. I love it :)
I guess it is about finding that balance...but I can say that in the end it does get easier to part with them and at the same time as the pain of parting eases the joy of selling increases!!
Really though, this is very good news, cause for about a picture of you, wine in hand dancing around that couch kicking up your heels....and hang it in your own house!!

Wendi. S. said...

Hi Jade, Yep, new painting in the works, thanks for popping in, you old thing you!
Perugina, I like to think it said it said love me, and I'll make you smile. Thanks for your nice words.
Sweetmango, as much as each new work started will " be for sale" exclusively, it doesn't often turn out that way. I seriously put my all into those contemporary pieces. The realistic stuff, I can part with without a qualm, I'm happy to have found a buyer, but my pieces of joy tug harder on the heart as they leave.

magicmyst said...

Hey Wendi, this is wonderful news! I know how you feel about putting your heart and soul into your painting. At some point you need to let your baby go. I am so glad that now you know, just as we have been telling you that your work is gorgeous and other people love it so much that they will pay you for the privilege of owning it. There is a special market ou there just for you. Now we have to attack and find them all.

Wendi. S. said...

Kay- Youre the best. Thankyou Heaps for your nice comment. I loved the "we" bit. I love my art family behind me.