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Monday, December 11, 2017

saying goodbye

This is one of my favorites. I really had to close my eyes, breathe deeply and picture the most relaxing thing that I liked doing. I constantly question, what is joy to me ?
Well this is one of my moments of joy, and today I received an email to say it has sold. How exciting!

And then I dissect my feelings.
I recieve much needed confirmation that my art is good enough, that someone has wanted it enough to buy it.
I will receive money which pays back the housekeeping for frames, pastels, paper etc. I don't feel guilt at feeding my art.
I feel a tad melancholy over the fact, that, I wont see this painting again, it has a new home, which is wonderful, but, it is part of me, I drew from the depths of my soul a part of me, and described my joy on paper.

I wonder if my art friends feel the same ?

Oh well, I like to think that I have a kindred spirit somewhere, and right now she is laying back with a wine admiring her new acquisition

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