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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Twelve Weeks till Christmas........

If I'm not organised with anything else, I DO have my christmas picture done. I wondered what I would do this year, for my christmas card, and tried to summon up an incy wincy little spirit of xmas and have come up with this, which is titled.........."The joy is in the giving."
Aussie christmas of course with thongs and short sleeves !!

Of course same goes as last year, email me with your address to be on my xmas card mailing list !!!


perugina said...

Hi Wendi! Your Christmas Card looks like a beauty this year! Congratulations for being organised. I have not yet started but must in the next couple of days – you have reminded me despite wanting to deny this time coming – and fast!
I love the infused Aussie ‘flavour’ here of thongs and Ts and of course that unmistakable Wendi style with all the details!
(((hugs and love)))
ps.. thanking you also for your very kind comment on my latest watercolour - my reply is forthcoming

Jade E. Henderson said...

This is a beauty! Oh email coming your way! I think its a good idea I might summon up the almighty powers and try and do one too.....though if I try too hard my head will explode

Wendi. S. said...

Thankyou perugina. I'm far from organised. haha.
oh great jade, I love being the inspiration. Viking santa !!! lol

magicmyst said...

Hey Wendi, you are a clever one. I love it. I can't wait to get mine. You should become a card designer or illustrator. Wonderful. Kay

Wendi. S. said...

Oh thanks Kay, wouldnt that be a dream job heh?
And of course it goes without saying that youre on my list. X