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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas spirit

Well here it is , one month until xmas and so I shall unveil my xmas card, that is to be sent to friends ( and galleries....hi remember me?)

When planning this painting, which is acylic by the way, I had to get in the zone and conjure up memories past of christmases long ago, sifting through them all, concentrating
on finding one memory that whispered "tradition"
The tree went up and had the usual school made gold coated shell pasta decorations,etc etc, but every year, my daughter held staunchly with the tradition that she place the star on the top. It was a manky old star and every year I would sigh and say that I had to replace it and every year she- mesmerised by the sparkle of silver and the honour or maybe it was, the thought of the magic in that star would place it at the topmost point of the tree, Silent in her own thoughts on how christmas should be for her.

I decided to replace a fairy for the star, so here is my card, and if youre on my Christmas mailing list, youre sure to recieve one. If not email me, and I will add you.

Love, Light, Peace and Happiness


Jade E. Henderson said...

That's an absolutely gorgeous picture! ooh can I be on your christmas mailing list!!!!

Vesna Designs said...

ME TOO...ME TOO...I want that Christmas Card too..Wendi that is a fantastic painting, I totally LOVE IT, such a fun and happy picture!!!!

Wendi. S. said...

Thanks my friends, its these comments, that stop the self doubt-it is majorly appreciated.
Just p.m me on the forum with your address, and you will be my special friends on the xmas card list !


Hi Wendi, I dropped in the other night but did not have time to leave a comment however I post marked it to make sure I returned. What wonderful whimsy - it is so infused with your unmistakable style.
I just think it's gorgeous!
(A huge thumbs up form me)
Looks as though there will be some serious card exchange taking place :)
Mine are at the printers as we speak!

magicmyst said...

Wendi, I haven't ben visiting this blog only your other one lately and didn't realise all the wonderful creations that were going on in your head and better still on canvas. I love this Christmas card. Please don't forget me when you decide to give Christmas card out. I have been very slack and not only have I not attempted my own Christmas Card but I haven't even bought Christmas cards. Can't quite believe it is that ime of the year again. Kay

Wendi. S. said...

Hi kay, thanks for the great comments. Yes, this is the only organised thing I have ready for christmas. I have no tree up yet, barely any pressies bought. But, like they say, it will be okay on the day.