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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thanks for visiting.

If you've popped in to checkout if I've updated, I do have works to post, but just have'nt had the time to upload them as yet. Have shared my art time with floral design lately, which I do prefer to keep to working hours, but when things inspire you be they floral or otherwise, you just have to run with it.
Dont hesitate to leave a comment if you have an idea for me to draw up.
I love looking at things through other peoples eyes .
Visit again soon, and I'll promise and update !!


Anonymous said...

Hi Wendi,
It's Nicki and Judy, we love top see your latest work and we'r always checking up on you. Hope all is well with you and your family - ps how did Sam's wedding flowers turn out?

Take care
Nic & Judexx

Wendi. S. said...

Hey you two !!! Thanks heaps for visiting, would've laid out the tim tams, if I'd known !! haha. But maybe I should update now that I know youre following the pics and know that I've been slack lately. Nicky, sam was the most beautiful Bride I have ever seen ( I'm not biased !) She was just gorgeous. It was the best wedding I've ever been to also !! Had a ball.